Some Background on Bobby Poe, Sr.

The Poe Kats

Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats - Rockabilly Hall Of Famers and Kansas Music Hall of Famers from the 1950's - were a groundbreaking act that featured legendary piano player Big Al Downing and renowned lead guitarist Vernon Sandusky. The late, great Big Al Downing went on to become a Number 1 Country star. Vernon Sandusky was the leader of the British Invasion-era band The Chartbusters in the 1960's and starting in the 1970's was Country Music Hall of Famer Roy Clark's lead guitarist for over 20 years. Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame on March 7th, 2009!

Bobby Poe

Bobby Poe went on to become an artist manager and producer in the 1960's. In the late 1960's "The Poe Kat" founded the respected music industry publication "Pop Music Survey". Starting in 1972, Bobby Poe presented 25 annual "Pop Music Survey" Radio/Record Conventions, which lasted until his gala retirement Convention in 1996. Bobby Poe passed away after a two year battle with throat cancer in January of 2011.

White Rock Singles

Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats' debut single - "Rock and Roll Record Girl", backed with "Rock and Roll Boogie" - is highly prized by collectors. Released in 1957 by legendary Dallas DJ Jim Lowe on his White Rock Records label, the single became a Number 1 record in the state of Texas.

Early Bobby Poe

The Poe Kats were also Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson's touring and/or backing band and various members can sometimes be found on her early singles, including the Rockabilly classic "Let's Have A Party". "Let's Have A Party" was first recorded by Elvis Presley for his film "Loving You" and was known simply as "Party". Wanda's version was recorded around the same time (when she and Elvis were dating) and featured The Poe Kats' Big Al Downing on piano, Vernon Sandusky on lead guitar and Joe Brawley on drums. Also on the session were Buck Owens on rhythm guitar (who was just starting his career) and Skeets McDonald on bass. It took a couple of years - until 1960 to be exact - for "Let's Have A Party" to become a Pop hit and one of Wanda's signature songs.